LoudBeat Episode 6: Who’s Won it?

Check to see who Top 5 In 2017


I swear this may be the hardest post I’ve had to write to date!! 2017 WAS A BIG YEAR for the Grime/Hip-Hop scene! Our favorite artists had us in a state this year, they were just releasing banger to banger to banger! So I had a eureka moment, why don’t I try and put together a 2017 top 5 album/mixtape list? Now there’s not many sites that would do this, but this is Loudbeat we different *wink wink*

So let’s do it….


        Wretch 32-FR32

Wretch 32

At 5 we have wretch 32, he released FR32 this year, which was a really good project, it featured club favorite -Tell me ft Kojo funds &Jahlani, which was a huge hit! Altogether though, was a really good album, I definitely enjoyed hearing a more emotional side of Wretch.

Can’t wait to see what comes from him.

Favourite Track- Time

Stormzy GSAP



At 4 its Stormzy he released GSAP which was a really, really dope well-produced album. We also got to hear a more versatile to Stormzy which was really incredible!

Blinded by your grace was defo one of the songs of the year for me. We look forward to see what he brings in 2018

Favourite Track- Blinded By Your Grace pt2



Nines -One Foot Out Nines one foot out


Now some people may be surprised by this, but the real ones won’t! There was no way Nines was gonna to go missing on this list! One Foot Out was basically the streets novel, listening to this album was like reading a book!! incredible!

After I listened to his project it was like 3am & I went for a jog, that’s how this project made me feel. Can’t wait to see what he brings out next as we haven’t really heard much since.

Favourite Track- These Keys ft Berner



J Hus Common Sense220px-Common_Sense_–_J_Hus

J hus had an absolute blinder of a project! To be honest I can’t think of a bad J Hus song so that its self-says it all.

Even mumsy is loving J Hus and this is a great example of how far his music is going and how catchy it can be!

Favourite Track- Bouff Daddy

 When you realize you LB’S #1!!




Giggs Wamp 2 Dem


You already know!! Its the Landlord, Holla Man, Mr Whippin Excursion lol, He’s won it. This man here is an absolute legend and honestly doesn’t get enough recognition, I knew he would be number 1 when I asked myself this question, “Out of the top 5, which one can I play from start to finish twice & not get bored? ” So I thought about it listened each one and Giggs just did it for me.

Favourite Track- Peligro ft Dave

Proof that it’s not just me, He really is loved by all of us. He represents music for us and so much more,  I look forward to years of more Giggs! Congrats on top spot LB signing out…



By Dave x A

LoudBeat Episode 5: Introducing Ama Jones

The One & Only Ama Joness!

“Introducing to the stage Ama Jones!”  Don’t be surprised if you hear that sentence from your T.V screens in the near future. You’re most likely thinking “Who the hell is that?” well if you don’t know now mark my words you soon will! Ama is an incredible singer who will soon be hot property by a lot of people, she really has a raw gift that blessed my ears as someone sent me her SoundCloud. I wanted to know the person behind the voice, the personality, the human being that she is because for me any artist who I follow or like must have a good persona that attracts me to them  & this usually this reflects on their music. I was able to actually speak to Ama & just get to know here a little, so I asked her some questions & she responded with some very interesting, funny, honest answers.

How would you describe your sound?

I guess I would describe my sound as floaty, spacey, electronic sort of new RnB. I am also trying to bring more energy to my music.

Who would you compare yourself too for those who maybe haven’t heard of you?

That’s a really tricky question and I know this sounds very cliche, but I’m really just trying to be the best version of me and not like any of my peers.  Well within music, previously I have been compared to the likes of Jorja Smith but I think that’s because we both have British accents and are light skin ahaha, Erykah Badu is an artist who in the future I would like to be compared to in terms of longevity as she continues to stay relevant and true to herself.


What can we expect coming from you?

Well, I have actually been recording my own songs since the age of 15, for almost two years now and initially I was just using beats that my sister made, taking instrumentals from the internet and a few were being sent to me by producers, those are all the songs that are up on my SoundCloud. But this past year it has all been from scratch it’s been a bit of a trial and error year, I’ve been figuring out what I like, what I don’t like and the production I actually want. I have been working alongside producers to make the music/sound that I actually want, some of it with a lot less mellow than the things I am currently posting and in the new year you will get to hear and hopefully like.

Who is the real Ama Jones? 

I feel like my music is quite transparent like I’m not trying to be anything I’m not, I’m even trying to showcase my personality in it more. But the real me I guess is a bubbly young lady who loves to try and make people laugh (as you can see in that mad pose above lol) and spread joy, who thinks about music pretty much 24/7, also is trying to spend less time with her phone, plus trying to relax with eating so much food and I can’t wait to finish education and focus solely on music.

Final Verdict

I’m so excited to see where the music game is gonna take Ama, she has a voice that i  know one day truly will be very influential, I think what I was more excited by was the way she is as a person. Along with her talented voice & great personality, you can see she has high ambitions for herself and LoudBeat will be backing her every step of the way… Welcome to the LoudBeat family… LB signing out


Please take a listen to a snippet of her beautiful voice below.



LoudBeat Episode 4: Wheel Ups & Mosh Pits

How could you not wanna go??


Wow! What an experience! I was lucky enough to have been invited to come & see an underground show @Village Underground in Shoreditch put on by IAMNEXTPLATFORM. I thought why not go check out some artists, but I definitely wasn’t expecting what I saw that night!! First of all, I have to give a big shout to Mr IAMNEXT (Seshie)This guy has given young, talented emerging artists from all backgrounds the chance to just express their art & skill.As a spectator,  an onlooker in the crowd, I have to say thank you bro!  Please keep on doing what you’re doing, it’s bigger than a music event! This is future history book material!  You’re on a train to big things. 


Photo Credit: Francis Augusto @franxisaugusto: Instagram

As I write this I keep thinking “what do I put in?” This isn’t because there’s nothing to write about, it’s because there’s too much to write about! The final show for the UK tour included performances from:

  • Suspect ft Giggs
  • 808INK
  • Ryan De La Cruz
  • Kadiata
  • Octavian
  • Vinch
  • Kasien
  • Society Of Alumni

Boy these acts hit the stage a mad one when I mean ultra-talented artists it could be an understatement. They were all sick! There were a couple of acts that I believe already could be hitting the UK charts soon.  So stay tuned for that in the future! One thing I noticed among many, is that this truly was OUR music, OUR sound.

The show wasn’t put on by any head record label exec, tour manager or A&R person, but by people who love OUR sound & OUR music, but to take it further it was kind of more than music & more than the sound it was FAMILY.  Fans jumping wall to wall,  mosh pits, wheel ups it was 100% music paradise!The words I‘d use to describe the underground scene are ENERGY, DIVERSE, ORTHODOX, MULTICULTURAL, MULTIVERSAL (I know, that’s not a word) & FUTURISTIC. 

These guys that performed were real life young rockstars I’m taking the whole lot, having alcohol in their hands when performing & even passing it on to fans, another act jumping into the crowd and starting a mosh pit while performing! Why as a music lover would you want it any other way? My final verdict is we need more recognition for OUR scene I believe this music represents OUR culture, beliefs & ultimately our lives. I’m so happy to say I’m proud of what the underground scene is doing & where our music is heading. LB Signing out…

Below is a snapchat story of a personal view of events!Please mind the awful rapping along. Lol

LoudBeat: Episode 3-Big Talents

Artists You Cant Miss out On!


Who’S Next?

With baree music coming out more than I’ve ever seen in my short life it can be sometimes hard to see new original artists coming. I mean with social media it can be easy to find talent but we also wanna hear different new sounds on the radio, in the clubs etc. Through me just browsing while I’ll was hoping bus to bus this week (I beg someone buy me a car, thanks, Lol) I found a couple of artists  I actually really liked! So I thought why not share them with you …




I think the first track I heard of IAMDDB was “Leaned Out”& she was like in the intro “Bitches so sour but its mermaid season I started laughing because I knew at that very minute she’s could have personality in her music & boy was I right! She came on a different vibe, next level stuff like I was unable to pinpoint what category her music could be put in. It was like a Jazzy, Soulful, Retro, Rap kinda vibes & it had me reciting lyrics like 10 minutes later, that’s how you know the music was lit!! She’s got some real bangers out, trust me you gotta check her out!

Oscar #Worldpiece


Now, this man right here I first clicked on because of his name I was like “rah whats this?” Then I saw a video of him doing a show & it was just scenes!! So I took an interest in his music instantly his vibe was also soo different it was Grime, Retro, Wavey like. The track I couldn’t stop listening to was “Tate Modern” utter complete fire!  He’s got a project out now (Recluse) that no doubt will be hitting radios soon, no doubt Oscar is gonna be onto big things im now a fan of his music & I look forward to the new sound & new flows from him. Big things to come, bro, Good Luck Mr #WorldPeice …

LoudBeat Episode: 2

What A Night!

Mostack London KOKO


If you could see the mad smile on my face as I’m writing this you’d be creasing Lol! Have you ever had a moment when you just look around and think like “Woah I don’t want this feeling, this moment to ever stop”? As I’ve said before Mostack is a rock-star & he defo confirmed it at London KOKO. Imagine buying a ticket to see Mostack for £20 then having the likes of J Hus, Krept & Konan, Fekky, Belly Squad, Young T & Bugsey, Dave &  Not3s all come out. Some mad meal deal Lool! Mostack knows how to work the stage & get his fans involved. What I saw was a guy who truly loved his music & had a dream to sell out his local hometown arena & did it in style.


The thing that had me amazed was that this one guy just another human being like me and you had people from all cultures, all age groups & all genders bouncing & jumping to his music. Could seem like such a small thing as you read this but for me, it was sooo much more than that, for me, it was a rock star who just knew how to have fun on stage like no one else was in the room with him. The highlight of the night had to be when Mostack brought out his younger ‘Kairoooo’ Lool, for those who have Mostack on snapchat you’ll know who he is, for those who don’t he’s just a funny kid who does funny things. I can completely say that was the best £20 I have ever ever ever spent in my life. If Mostack can do that now imagine in 2 years when I know he’ll have more bangers & its at the 02 Arena. Looking more than forward to it… If you can take anything away from this I’d say don’t give up on anything you are passionate about or anything you may have interest in because you never know where it will take you could just end up surprising yourself & big that next figure on stage or tv etc … LB signing out