LoudBeat Episode 4: Wheel Ups & Mosh Pits

How could you not wanna go??


Wow! What an experience! I was lucky enough to have been invited to come & see an underground show @Village Underground in Shoreditch put on by IAMNEXTPLATFORM. I thought why not go check out some artists, but I definitely wasn’t expecting what I saw that night!! First of all, I have to give a big shout to Mr IAMNEXT (Seshie)This guy has given young, talented emerging artists from all backgrounds the chance to just express their art & skill.As a spectator,  an onlooker in the crowd, I have to say thank you bro!  Please keep on doing what you’re doing, it’s bigger than a music event! This is future history book material!  You’re on a train to big things. 


Photo Credit: Francis Augusto @franxisaugusto: Instagram

As I write this I keep thinking “what do I put in?” This isn’t because there’s nothing to write about, it’s because there’s too much to write about! The final show for the UK tour included performances from:

  • Suspect ft Giggs
  • 808INK
  • Ryan De La Cruz
  • Kadiata
  • Octavian
  • Vinch
  • Kasien
  • Society Of Alumni

Boy these acts hit the stage a mad one when I mean ultra-talented artists it could be an understatement. They were all sick! There were a couple of acts that I believe already could be hitting the UK charts soon.  So stay tuned for that in the future! One thing I noticed among many, is that this truly was OUR music, OUR sound.

The show wasn’t put on by any head record label exec, tour manager or A&R person, but by people who love OUR sound & OUR music, but to take it further it was kind of more than music & more than the sound it was FAMILY.  Fans jumping wall to wall,  mosh pits, wheel ups it was 100% music paradise!The words I‘d use to describe the underground scene are ENERGY, DIVERSE, ORTHODOX, MULTICULTURAL, MULTIVERSAL (I know, that’s not a word) & FUTURISTIC. 

These guys that performed were real life young rockstars I’m taking the whole lot, having alcohol in their hands when performing & even passing it on to fans, another act jumping into the crowd and starting a mosh pit while performing! Why as a music lover would you want it any other way? My final verdict is we need more recognition for OUR scene I believe this music represents OUR culture, beliefs & ultimately our lives. I’m so happy to say I’m proud of what the underground scene is doing & where our music is heading. LB Signing out…

Below is a snapchat story of a personal view of events!Please mind the awful rapping along. Lol


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