LoudBeat: Episode 3-Big Talents

Artists You Cant Miss out On!


Who’S Next?

With baree music coming out more than I’ve ever seen in my short life it can be sometimes hard to see new original artists coming. I mean with social media it can be easy to find talent but we also wanna hear different new sounds on the radio, in the clubs etc. Through me just browsing while I’ll was hoping bus to bus this week (I beg someone buy me a car, thanks, Lol) I found a couple of artists  I actually really liked! So I thought why not share them with you …




I think the first track I heard of IAMDDB was “Leaned Out”& she was like in the intro “Bitches so sour but its mermaid season I started laughing because I knew at that very minute she’s could have personality in her music & boy was I right! She came on a different vibe, next level stuff like I was unable to pinpoint what category her music could be put in. It was like a Jazzy, Soulful, Retro, Rap kinda vibes & it had me reciting lyrics like 10 minutes later, that’s how you know the music was lit!! She’s got some real bangers out, trust me you gotta check her out!

Oscar #Worldpiece


Now, this man right here I first clicked on because of his name I was like “rah whats this?” Then I saw a video of him doing a show & it was just scenes!! So I took an interest in his music instantly his vibe was also soo different it was Grime, Retro, Wavey like. The track I couldn’t stop listening to was “Tate Modern” utter complete fire!  He’s got a project out now (Recluse) that no doubt will be hitting radios soon, no doubt Oscar is gonna be onto big things im now a fan of his music & I look forward to the new sound & new flows from him. Big things to come, bro, Good Luck Mr #WorldPeice …


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