LoudBeat Episode: 2

What A Night!

Mostack London KOKO


If you could see the mad smile on my face as I’m writing this you’d be creasing Lol! Have you ever had a moment when you just look around and think like “Woah I don’t want this feeling, this moment to ever stop”? As I’ve said before Mostack is a rock-star & he defo confirmed it at London KOKO. Imagine buying a ticket to see Mostack for £20 then having the likes of J Hus, Krept & Konan, Fekky, Belly Squad, Young T & Bugsey, Dave &  Not3s all come out. Some mad meal deal Lool! Mostack knows how to work the stage & get his fans involved. What I saw was a guy who truly loved his music & had a dream to sell out his local hometown arena & did it in style.


The thing that had me amazed was that this one guy just another human being like me and you had people from all cultures, all age groups & all genders bouncing & jumping to his music. Could seem like such a small thing as you read this but for me, it was sooo much more than that, for me, it was a rock star who just knew how to have fun on stage like no one else was in the room with him. The highlight of the night had to be when Mostack brought out his younger ‘Kairoooo’ Lool, for those who have Mostack on snapchat you’ll know who he is, for those who don’t he’s just a funny kid who does funny things. I can completely say that was the best £20 I have ever ever ever spent in my life. If Mostack can do that now imagine in 2 years when I know he’ll have more bangers & its at the 02 Arena. Looking more than forward to it… If you can take anything away from this I’d say don’t give up on anything you are passionate about or anything you may have interest in because you never know where it will take you could just end up surprising yourself & big that next figure on stage or tv etc … LB signing out   


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