LoudBeat Episode: 1


WHO’S Murdering The Scene !?




At #5 its Mr ‘TWOOOO THREE’,with non-stop bangers From ‘Quiet Storm’ to more recently ‘Can’t Tell Me’. This guy is by far booming up the charts and he’s doing it with a lot of noise. Can’t wait to see what else this guy can produce man, None of you ‘can’t tell me’ he shouldn’t be on the list. OFFICIALLY LB CERTFIED!


At #4 Its KOJO ah yai yah yah Funds (I had no idea how to spell that saying so please forgive me) But me aside my man Kojo Has been killing it ! Just been producing banger to banger to banger, you get the idea LoL. My earliest memory of first hearing Kojo was my first time clubbing and I remember hearing at the time ‘My 9ine’ the way my eyes widened thinking who the hell is this, obviously had to do a sneaky quick shazam Lol. It would be a ‘Robbery’ not have him on this list!! OFFICIALLY LB CERTIFIED



At #3 its MO STACK, This guy is at the pinnacle of just doing madness on this scene, I mean the way he can just jump on a tune & make you feel that way where you just have to smile & laugh while reciting his bars with your friends is mad. ANY artist that gives you that feeling is due for greatness, i have no doubt that We’re seeing an urban rock star right in front of our eyes. BROOOO please keep coming with these mad link-ups with other artists literally brings life to tracks! OFFICIALLY LB CERTIFIED


2. 254

At #2 It’s your man the street’s artist FREDO, got to believe this guy is truly original with how he makes his music from the beats to the words. Everything is just so raw! He’s been coming out with club bangers that get the mandem (guys)& gyaldem (girls) hyped. Looking forward to more music that will get me to just put my tracky (tracksuit) flex on & go get this GWOP baby  OFFICIALLY LB CERTIFIED



DRUM ROLL !!!!!!!!!




At #1 It has to be this man, the young lyrical king just bringing his on swaz (word for style) uniqueness to the game. Dave is just spitting pure fire & facts on his tracks which a lot of us fans have nothing but respect for. For someone of similar age to hear what he’s bee through & what he thinks about the environment that us young people are in & going through its truly inspiring. He is the voice for us, that’s why I say DAVE FOR PRIME MINISTER 2025 or whenever next election is, No doubt 1000% OFFICIALLY LB CERTIFIED



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